Hello everyone! I know- it’s been forever since I have posted at all. I have finally made it to Germany, and residing here for three weeks now! This country is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to share all the details with you J I happen to be in the amazing southern part, which is … More Update!

the semicolon project

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Today I went to a tattoo artist, and for $60 I let a man with a giant Jesus-tattoo on his head ink a semi-colon onto my wrist where it will stay until the day I die. By now, enough people have started asking questions that it made sense for me to start…

That Military Wife Life No One Actually Hears About…

I come from Fort Knox community. My dad and brother were Marines, with my brother serving during my high school career. All of my friends were Army brats, with some in other branches, including my current best friends. I was a candidate for West Point. I have more family members and friends who serve in … More That Military Wife Life No One Actually Hears About…

Needles Might Poke, But They’re Not To Blame

Across the Ohio River, Clark County, Indiana is suffering a major crisis. Because of a surge in drug use, an epidemic of HIV outbreaks occurred in the area several months ago. To combat the issue, the county decided to impliment a needle exchange program. The Kentucky cities of Louisville and Lexington are following suit, as … More Needles Might Poke, But They’re Not To Blame


Hi bloggers, audience members & viewers, Hello there! My name is Michaela Crutcher-Lord. I haven’t blogged in a long time. In fact, the last time I blogged was as a 7th grader. I remember when blogging was at its pioneer state. Now, I am blogging as an adult. I am happily married woman, living my … More Introduction