Memorial Day Special

So, I would like to think every soldier, sailor, Airman and Marine who has made the ultimate sacrifice during their service. Whether it was during war or peacetime, you are the reason for the red, white and blue on our flag- I thank you for your service daily, and will always remember you. No matter if it was a war, conflict or even a training, you gave it 100% and you deserve 100% today.

Now, in honor of today, I would like to give a shout out to a certain intelligence officer. At the time, LT David Osterhout was the intelligence officer for the DMZ in Korea. Though his injuries happened during peace time, there have been many causalities here, without loud outcry. His memoir depicts the zone as it was, in graphic detail that only someone there would know. OinK: Only In Korea, is a thorough representation of the author’s days and nights in the country, where he landed an injury and insight on one of the least talked about places for service members. I have known many to go to Korea, but not many discuss the DMZ, especially not a death toll for it.

Click the link below for a straight link to his book, available on Amazon and Kindle!

I hope today goes well for all, and God bless!


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