Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic Old Town Sight Seeing and Foody Adventure

Another blog entry from Jillian 🙂 I will be posting my own on Prague when we visit it again, but this is a fantastic source of information!

The Good, The Bad, and The Reality of Travel

We have fallen in love with the city of Prague. Every time we visit, there is something else to explore and discover. Our first time visiting we came with a travel group called Explore Europe. If I would have know what I know now I would have saved a lot of money and just gone on our own because the drive is so easy. A6 turns into E50 and it’s a straight shot to Prague. If you do visit as a day trip without a hotel, parking is available at the Palladium. The Palladium is a huge mall located near old town. I’ve never parked there personally but I’ve heard the space are wide and there are video cameras.

The Good: Prague is full of surprises and you’re sure to find something you love about this city.

The Bad: I’ve noticed that they treat tourists a little differently than locals…

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