Castles, Castles, Castles

So, I am not going into chronological order, but I will explain my choices in a moment on why. Tyler and I have been traveling all these past weekends, and I am finally ready and available to show everyone what we have been up to!

I decided to group my experiences up with what has happened most recently, starting with the most interesting and positive experience we’ve had together, along with our friends Katie & Jarrett. In total now, I have seen 4 castles- we were able to tour one and saw the outside of three.

I will post the Numerburg castle in the next post.

My husband and I are in love with the historical look of buildings- to us, the rustic appearance is not only breathtaking, but so rich in history. I have also been told how enchanting the castles are in Germany, and you will feel like you are in a family tale.


The first castle I was able to witness was the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. To locals, it is known as the palace that King Ludwig II never saw completed, while Americans might notice a rather large similarity to one of our own attractions.

Yep, this is the Disney Castle, y’all. Walt Disney was actually inspired by this castle and Magic Kingdom was influenced by this exact architecture.



King Ludwig II was in charge of the Bavarian (southern) region of Germany. Since he was the ultimate ruler of the land, he decided to build quite a few home for himself. This happens to be the most grand of them all- unfortunately, under mysterious circumstances, King Ludwig II passed away. In my fair opinion from what the orator explained, he was assassinated, but it couldn’t be proven. What is sad about this castle was the fact that it was never completed and rooms that weren’t assembled are still left in touch.


 For this trip, we drove to the location of Fussen. The drive was absolutely gorgeous- you see the Alps in the background and are extremely close to the Austrian border. For parking, we only paid 6 Euro for an entire day. Now, when it came to tickets, we were in a bit of a dilemma.


This other castle you see was actually another castle that was much closer to our parking and ticket locations. This lovely castle is known as Hohenschwangau Castle. This happened to be the childhood home of King Ludwig II and was built by his father. I did not have the opportunity to tour this regal place, because of a stipulation.When you go to Fussen, you are allowed to take up to 3 tours (the two castles + a swan lake), which are discounted packages. The only catch is if you were to come later in the day, or have a tour during busy hours, you might miss your next tour, and will not be refunded. On top of this, the two castles are 40 minutes away from each other in walking distance. Luckily, there are awesome alternatives instead of walking: a shuttle that will cost you 1.60 Euro per person or a horse carriage that is 4 Euro a person. Either way, you will be arriving to your destination at a much faster rate.

Tickets for any of the tours was 12 Euro per person, 11 Euro with a student discount. Yes, I got a college student discount, and even my cashier was fascinated that my card did not expire, so we talked about it for 5 minutes straight. Haha.

I will say, the labeled Disney castle was one of the most gorgeous buildings I have ever stepped into, if not the most. I was not allowed to take pictures inside, but I can tell you it looks straight out of a Disney movie. I have never seen such refined architecture in any building in America, and the detail on every room was breathtaking. None of the outside pictures does justice for the inside, but if anyone ever ventures by the German-Austrian border, I recommend going to this!!!!

So, the breakdown for the Fussen vacation spot:

Any of the castles: 11-12 Euros (adult range)

Combination: with two, it was 23 or 22 Euros

Parking: 6 Euro

Stroller friendly? Not. At. All. If you have a child, I highly recommend either a car seat or a little kangaroo pouch, because these were also the steepest hills I have ever walked on. The Hohenschwangau Castle seemed much more stroller friendly though.

Rating: 5/5


 Now, we happened to stumble on another King Ludwig masterpiece: the Linderhof Palace. This beauty is located in Ettel, which is around 50 minutes away from the previous location. The fun part about getting over here is you have to go through Austria and enter back into Germany, while maneuvering the Alps. I have never been so terrified in my life- my husband was going UNDER the speed limit and I felt like I was going to die. Yes, it was that crazy, and I advise Germany and Austria to really look into their speeds with curves, because you are roll over happy here people!


 Back to the Linderhof Palace- this happened to be King Ludwig’s home for years, and he decided to build Neuschwanstein while living here. How he wasn’t already content with his two creations, I am not sure, but hey, he was an absolute monarch, so more power to him. This palace is located close to a monastery, where the monks actually brew beer and there’s a cheese factory next door. Good times, good times. 12023171_679192378848324_599654320_n

Linderhof was not as massive as the two castles in Fussen, but its exterior did overwhelming justice. I have never seen such beautification for a garden until then. The scenery is legendary. We did not do a tour with this palace, but it would have only been 8 Euro. On top of this, the parking was cheaper- if I remember right, I want to say it was 3 Euro. The best part? Almost all of this acreage is in reasonable walking distance. From our parking spot to the palace was maybe 5 minutes long. That beated almost rolling down a mountainside for 30 minutes straight. The only downside here was we were not able to find parking for awhile- the space is rather space and crammed. Other than that, it was an amazing experience- oh, and pretzels were selling for .88 Euro and they were huge. Fat girl heaven alert.


Tickets: 8 Euro (adult).

Parking: 3 Euro? (round up or down 1)

Stroller friendly? Yes. EXTREMELY! You could also easily walk a dog or cat here.

Rating: 5/5


Thank you for your time, and have a blessed day y’all!



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