Hello everyone!

I know- it’s been forever since I have posted at all. I have finally made it to Germany, and residing here for three weeks now! This country is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to share all the details with you J

I happen to be in the amazing southern part, which is known as Bavaria. This region is farmland, and currently filled with a lot of fests. Fests to Germany is fairs to America. I have so far been to one fest, and it was awesome. Many smaller towns have a theme for their fests- for example, my husband and now good friend attended a pizza fest over in the neighbor town. For bigger cities, the fests are much larger and somewhat reminded me of an amusement parks. The one I attended was in Nuremburg- we had rides, food and lots of vendors.

Yes, I have been on the Autobahn. It’s a mix of what you would expect versus what you would not expect. First off, on some parts of the Autobahn, you can go as fast as you want. However, the majority of American vehicles cannot do this. On top of this, there are a lot of speed restrictions and constant construction. Finally, you have quite a bit of traffic flowing through, so your commute can take twice as long.

One of the most shocking things I have seen here is paying for the public restrooms. Yes, there are many that make you pay .50 Euro. However, they usually give you a voucher to redeem at the store you are at. I went out a few weekends ago, and a couple showed me how to cheat the system. Thank you!

Now, I will be posting about my previous travels for the next few days to show y’all all my fun times J We are attending events and doing things on the weekends, so expect updates on Fridays! I know this isn’t the best update, but I promise your next week will be filled with awesome stories!

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