St. Louis Side Story 

Hey everyone!!! We are almost finished with our PCS check list, which I plan to write out entirely in another post, and my next will deal with transitioning while being in college. I feel like my experience will help others in a similar spot, whether you’re an military spouse or just a civilian who has to move, or go to online classes, or go to in person. 
Anyways, I want to show you with pictures my St. Louis travels! We went on Wednesday and it was a gorgeous city. It is one of the few major cities I’ve entered that still has a country aspect, and I enjoyed the environment. However, the cutting off without a blinker move- not a fan of that, Missouri. Lol. 

5 recommendations for y’all visiting-

1) Go to a BBQ place- they have vinegar and ketchup based sauces. 

2) Visit the Arch, but be wise of their parking. We were able to park about a few blocks away, with only paying $6. The walk was worth it. I recommend investigating the area first before parking, because some is based hourly. Ours was for a whole day, at $6 = huge bargain. 

3) Appreciate St. Louis road systems. They were one of the easiest I’ve dealt with. Typically, there was only 3-4 lanes entering and leaving, and there are a few 6 lanes. Of course, being a student in Louisville, I always appreciated not being shoved into a random exit. 

4) Talk with the locals. I thoroughly enjoyed them. They have the Midwest charm with the country attitude. Being a Kentuckian, I can relate.

5) Research, research, research. Whatever you wanna do, St. Louis has something.  If you love history, there was a lot of museums downtown. Shopper? I saw a mall every 5 miles. Love scenery? You can carriage ride by the Missssippi. 

What to watch out for:

Mold- if you have allergies like me, beware. KY is one of the worst about allergies, and so is St. Louis, Missouri. I came in with a sinus infection and left worse, because St. Louis has a lot of mold, due to the river systems and rain. 

Drivers- St. Louis were one of the worst about cutting you off without warning and without blinkers. They refuse to show me that bahahaha. If you are used to city driving, it gets aggravating. Of course, I am used to 5-6 lanes and knowing my exit, which is unusual to everyone and their mother outside of KY. 

Washington Bridge- this bridge is currently closed with its downtown exits, and you have to walk around the block to reach the Arch. It makes for interesting traveling via GPS, but there are so many bridges in St. Louis alone that it is no big deal. I was able to enter and exit via the major one, but we had to drive around a few blocks to exit. 

Hope y’all enjoy is one! If you are from St. Louis or visit, please leave other recommendations!! 



6 thoughts on “St. Louis Side Story 

    1. No problem! It was a great city. Only 4 hours for, where I’m from, and the BBQ was fantastic. I recommend it, because this is one of the few places that serves both style of sauces. I am from Kentucky, and was used to vinegar based. The Carolinas influenced us, especially my family (my mom’s side is Eastern KY). A lot eat ketchup based, and if you go to a place like Spitfire in the city, you have both types. We tried about 7 different types of sauces.


        1. Well thank you 😊☺️ I will definitely look into yours! Yeah, Missouri is the start of Midwest, and KY is a conflicted one, but I consider myself a Southerner. You would love our food. My husband is a New Englander. I love all food!!!


          1. Ha my wife and i are from england, but I lived in the Midwest and went to school there … Utah and Colorado… Beautiful country. Hope you enjoy my blog as I did yours … And if your ever over this side of the pond you’ll love it.

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